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Customize the RamBase User Interface

The RamBase user interface can be customized using the building blocks of the RamBase platform. Whether it’s a small change within an existing application or adding new applications, RamBase provides the tools and guidelines to efficiently develop applications with a consistent user experience.


UI changes for non-developers

There are multiple ways that the RamBase user interface can be changed without having a developer background.  The next section shows the UI changes that the end-user can make directly. 


CHANGE THEME The simplest form of customization is to change the look and feel of RamBase. This can be done by changing the different options in the settings menu. Each individual RamBase user can do this customization.

The RamBase desktop consists of multiple widgets available on different dashboards depending on your role and permissions.  You can easily modify the dashboard by adding the widgets of your liking.  

CHANGE COLUMNS Each user can customize the UI by selecting which columns to include in lists and by using drag & drop to reorder lists, columns, and tabs.

To further customize the UI, the system administrators can add custom fields to RamBase. If you need to store some extra data on a RamBase entity you can add a custom field. For example, to store some additional data about your suppliers or customer that's specific to your business interactions. It will be possible to use this field in a filter, include the field in a list, and even reorder based on the value of the field. The custom fields will also be automatically included in the API.  Keep in mind that custom fields are used for information only, and they can not have any business logic built around them

Developer Guidelines

Guidelines to aid our partners in creating applications in the RamBase framework to achieve the same unified language and consistent look and feel.

UI changes for developments projects

The RamBase UI Guideline site offers a set of patterns and elements that will provide a unified language and consistent look and feel when developing and designing applications within the RamBase ecosystem.

The guidelines are written for both developers and designers creating and maintaining RamBase applications and components.

On The RamBase UI Guideline site, you get detailed instructions on: 


Use the UI guidelines when developing: 


  • RamBase Applications: The RamBase application is built in such a way that you can change the UI to fit your business. You can add, replace, and customize applications without altering any business logic and make them more relevant for your company.
  • Mobile Applications: The exact same tools that you are using for customizing the RamBase UI can also be used to build content for the RamBase mobile app. 
    Learn more about our mobile app development solutions here. 
  • Portal Applications:  It's easy to set up customer and supplier portals connected to RamBase and to give a consistent user experience, the UI tools are recommended.
    Learn more about our portal solution here.
  • RamBase Extensions: If you build new functionality it can be deployed as an extension and be made available to others through our marketplace if desired. If possible, we recommend using the UI tools so that the end-user is more likely to understand the integration.  Read more about our extension possibilities here.



Custom Image Application

To boost operational efficiency, a customer wanted to add specific functionality to the goods reception application. With the use of relevant APIs and the UI guidelines, the end result looks and functions perfectly within the RamBase application.