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Extensions are add-ons and connectors that extend the functionality of RamBase. With our open REST API and platform tools, you can extend the system's capabilities and solve specific customer needs. Once you have built a RamBase Extension, you can promote and sell your solution to all RamBase customers. 


Developing a RamBase Extension

Want to get more efficient communication between RamBase and other systems, solutions, or services? Or do you see possibilities of extending RamBase to other user applications? Then using the RamBase REST API to create smart integrations or a new custom user application is the way to go and you can easily get started with the RamBase developer tools!

Quick Link

Have an idea for an extension possibility and would like to get started right away? Jump straight to the developer tools in our API resource center.


Selling your extension

When becoming an extension provider the Extension Developer Agreement will lay the ground rules for the partnership, and specific terms will apply depending on the particular extension. 

The main takeaway from the agreement is that the developer company will be responsible for the service, support, maintenance, and further development concerning the extension. RamBase will provide the platform-tools for development and integration with the RamBase cloud environment (*). 

(*) The extension will be subjected to review and must follow technical pre-requisites. RamBase will review code, security, and performance conventions. 

RamBase will promote the extension to all existing and new customers through the extension marketplace. On, an extension web page will be launched to highlight the benefits and promote the extension provider. 







Business opportunity

Unlock the potential to monetise your in-house developments. Many of our partners have seen the possibilities in open REST API and development tools at their disposal. Their solution for one customer can turn into a continuous revenue stream. Check out some of the extensions that have been developed by others using the RamBase platform tools.  

KSeF e-Invoice Integration by Todis Consulting

The KSeF e-Invoice integration is a solution developed by RamBase partner Todis Consulting to help polish customers to issue and receive invoices and in turn, comply with the new KSeF mandate.  

Power BI extension by Arribatec

Get instant and easy access to your RamBase ERP data in Microsoft BI with the report package developed by RamBase Partner Arribatec.