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Extending your RamBase ERP system with a portal offering is a great way to help your customers to help themselves. Communicate more efficiently with your customers and suppliers, by enabling them to interact with your business through a self-service portal.


Getting started

The RamBase platform empowers developers from partner companies to quickly build and deploy trusted cloud applications that are solid, secure, and scalable without worrying about hardware provisioning or application stacks. RamBase delivers out-of-the-box tools for developers to start building integrations, or in this case, self-service portals. 

Use our development tools to customize and adapt a portal to fit your customers' unique business:

  • RamBase Development Guidelines. Everything developers and designers need to know about creating and maintaining RamBase applications and components.
  • RamBase API Catalog. All the information you need to start using the RamBase API - from authentication to advanced filtering and sorting.

Portal applications are created, tested, and developed at Write the applications in web standards such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. At, there are methods for creating UI components and running network shells towards When the application is ready to be put into production, the RamBase Developer Team will create it as an extension activated at

Quick Links

Already know what you would like to develop? Go straight to our API documentation and UI Guidelines to get started on your portal offering.





Why go for a portal extension?

RamBase has processes that cover the complete quote-to-cash process, and many of the subprocesses are dependent on external contributions to move forward. These subprocesses are perfect to include in a portal offering. The portal can also be used as an information platform, giving updated status on data your customers are constantly reaching out to know about. 

There are many benefits to extending your RamBase system with a portal offering.  

  • Same building blocks: It's an extension of your ERP system - no need to start from scratch.
  • No external hosting: Integrated portals have the same secure RamBase hosting. 
  • Zero maintenance: Portals follow RamBase free updates 24/7.
  • Quick start: Portals are built with the RamBase ERP framework. You're not building from scratch - the applications are already in your system to start working on.
  • Same high-security standards: The portals will have the same secure RamBase user management as your ERP system. 
  • Fast finish: Easy-to-use tools and available graphical elements allow you to get to your goal quickly and build feature-rich applications. 

A self-service portal is not the same as a full-flex webshop. If that's what you're after, you can easily integrate e-commerce solutions with RamBase. Read more about our integrating possibilities.


No more back-and-forth communication

By offering three key processes in their new portal offering, RamBase customer LogiTrans saves time and money.